The Blood of Syria

Syrian refugees- part 4

“Father from Homs with his two injured children in a hospital in Tripoli. He wanted to tell me his story. His other two children died. Now his daughter can only fall asleep holding her fathers hand.”(28 March)

Syrian refugees- part 3

Tripoli again today. Some of the patients leaving Homs (Babr Amr) are suffering a condition which the doctors cannot identify. They believe that the Gov’t is dropping chemical weapons in the Region. The symptoms are: skin legions, hair falling out, lethargy and lung issues… also, unable to walk, muscle atrophy. They are saying it is nuclear?? The bomb had the smell of rotten fish or eggs? Anyone know how to help identify this. As yet, the Lebanese doctors are baffled. (29 March)

Syrian refugees- part 2

Spent 7 days in Lebanon covering the story of Syrian refugees from Homs. They are incredible, brave people. Normal people like you and me… and all they want is their freedom. They are being massacred in their homes (which they are hiding in with no water, electricity), children targeted by gunmen… many flee through mountains and rivers to arrive in Lebanon for medical treatment. All I can say of this hospital is that it is VERY basic. They have a penchant for amputating rather than treating and the sanitary conditions were lacking. They are also being given very very small amount of food (yes, they are getting free treatment) but the Lebanese gov’t doesnt want to accept them as refugees…. so this is the minimum. If anyone knows Syrian doctors living in the West, please send their contacts…. we would like to work to send a medical team to Syria. The stories I have heard and seen are too graphic to put on here. These are good, good people. I don’t take sides except with the people. If anyone has suggestions, please email me……… If anyone can help me with the report when I get back to the UK, that would be great too. I am going to need a serious amount of translation from Arabic and Italian done.

Syrian refugees- part 1- Homs & the possible use of chemical weapons

Syrian refugees claiming use of chemical weapons…

Reports from doctors that symptoms are unexplained.

Patients have chronic pain, tiredness (this man said he is working with stones all days and following the incident he is barely able to get out of bed which I witnessed).

Skin is pockmarked, lips incredibly dry and chapped.

Nails have raised beds, red and bulging.

Hair coming out like cotton candy.

Lung issues as well.




“We ask all doctors of the world from Europe… Germany, we ask you, we beg you, to come and see what these symptoms are we are suffering from. We are breathing in toxic chemical gases, and we don’t know what it is.

We ask Red Cross, Red Crescent, to come and see Homs hospitals, to tell us what kind of disease is this?

We ask God to help us (starting to crying)… What is happening in Homs is beyond description. We are hopeless….

Doctors of the world… come, come and diagnose this epidemic from chemical gases.”

Documenting the stories of the Syrian Refugees (in Tripoli, No Lebanon)


The Sher (spiritual leader)